Electric vehicles

OZEV approved charging point installers

As a recently approved installer under OZEV, our professional electrical team at JRB Electrical is now able to offer additional service to our customers to allow electric cars to be charged on-site. With the UK government pushing to bring electric vehicles to the mainstream, now’s a better time than ever to begin to invest in this rapidly-growing technology – and on-site charging points are an excellent place to start.


We design and install charging stations for a wide range of different properties and customers, using our commercial expertise and industry knowledge to provide functional solutions. Whether you’re looking to install a single charging point or you’re looking to build out enough for an entire fleet, our team can make it happen on budget and on time.

Charging points for retail

Retail car parks are ideal for installing electric vehicle charging points, providing a valuable service to your customers while they shop. Our expert team can work with you to design dedicated charging point spaces, allowing users of electric cars to charge their vehicles quickly and effectively without the need to travel further afield.

If any additional remedial work is required, we communicate directly with you to ensure issues are resolved as quickly as possible with minimal fuss. From simple fixes to larger rewires, we let you know what needs to be done as soon as possible to ensure your property is safe and ready for tenants with as little delay as possible.

Charging points for commercial

Commercial properties are another growing sector for electric vehicles. Our professional electrical team can design charging points for offices, industrial sites, and privately owned car parks to make the most of your parking space. We can even create something suitable for use by a company fleet or many electric vehicles at once, depending on your requirements.

Much like our landlord and agents, North West electrical services, our commercial services allow us to identify and carry out remedial work as swiftly as possible before potential problems worsen. If you’re a commercial property owner or business looking to ensure the highest workplace safety standards, our reporting service may be a good choice for you.

Charging points for residential

Alongside our commercial expertise, we also offer charging points for rental properties and garages through landlords and letting agents. If you’d like to add additional value to your property, installing charging points is an excellent and easy way to do so, attracting potential tenants in need of electric vehicle solutions.

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